Legal aid in Almaty

юридическая помощь


If you are reading this web page it means that you are looking for legal assistance in Almaty. And it seems you’ve been searching for law firms in Kazakhstan for a long time.

When you cross the border of any state the first issue that you have to deal with is legislation of this state. No matter what is your purpose: rest, work, participation at cultural or sport event - you are going to face the legislation of Kazakhstan. Or legislation of Kazakhstan is going to face you. Thus, it is critically important to have an experienced legal assistant who can consult you on your rights and obligations according to the legislation of Kazakhstan or represent you in courts and other official authorities of Kazakhstan. I hope that I have the appropriate knowledge and experience in the Law of Kazakhstan that is required to provide you a high quality of legal services and handle your legal issues.

Let me introduce myself.

I graduated from Omsk State University (Omsk, Russian Federation) in 2003 as a lawyer. I have been working at a number of different enterprises as a lawyer for ten years helping them to run their business and handling their legal issues. Finally, I decided to start my own business. I passed the special examination and obtained the special license that authorizes me to work as an advocate in Kazakhstan.


There are several principles which I consider to be very important to observe when I propose you the legal assistance services.

First. To be always honest with my clients. Honesty is the major component of our mutual success. And I expect the same attitude from my client to me.

Second. To resolve the problems of my clients as my own.

Third. Fair price for my services based on the scope and volume of my work.

I believe these principles are quiet easy to be followed and I think you agree that any lawyer should observe them.


The legislation of Kazakhstan is constantly becoming more and more complicated. Court procedures for both civil and criminal cases are becoming complicated too. We can observe the same process on the legal market of Kazakhstan and especially Almaty. Nowadays it is important for lawyers to be specialized in the strictly defined areas of legislation.

I hope my website will help you to get acquainted with the basic information about me as your potential advocate so that it would be easier for you to find a lawyer in Almaty.